portrait 150x150 MeAfter a long spell working in health services, Nester, or Esther Remnant, couldn’t help but take heed of the summons to soothe her creative urges. “I started lino printing as it was something I enjoyed way back in school,  I loved it immediately, my passion was reignited!”work station 300x225 Me

Esther is mad about the wild side of New Zealand nature, and birds and animals in general.  These are her true source of inspiration,  with a certain nostalgia for old children’s book illustrations.  She captures the quirky, or at times elegant character behind these familiar creatures, who so often bring a bit of joy into our everyday lives.  It’s these interactions that awaken the characters, and the story unfolds as she begins to sketch.  They are carved into a lino block to be printed and shared.1903 press 300x225 Me

bottle jack press 150x150 MeNester began printing using a home made bottle jack press and has now proudly graduated to a stunning vintage 1903 table top press from Johnny Mulvay.

“Remember lino printing at school, lots of bleeding fingers and rusty old tools, well it’s much more fun than that really. My favourite part is carving the lino, there is something very calming and uplifting about the process. Unless it’s cold when I might get through a few more incredible hulk plasters. The first proof print is pretty exciting too, as you’ve kind of been thinking back to front and are never quite sure what might emerge. Lino printing has a life of it’s own, the image that unfolds is beautiful in it’s simplicity, bold with striking lines.
I have even started to see in “lino vision”.drying rack 225x300 Me


Nester is currently exhibiting her prints at:

The Old Post Office Store, Upper Moutere.

The Suter Art Gallery, Nelson.

The Little Beehive Coop, 123 Hardy Street, Nelson.