It all began with the design of a tattoo for a friend, symbolising the connection between him and his child who were parted.  The story grew in lino print form with themes emerging along the way of separation, light, hope and the blurred line between dreams and reality.
Finnish people believe that the aurora borealis is caused by a fox in the north sweeping its tail through the snow, spraying up sparks into the sky.
All of my linocut prints are hand-drawn, hand-cut on linoleum blocks, then inked and pulled by hand on my vintage printing press.

Edition size 30.         Print area A4 (297 x 210) ******fits a standard frame*******
Paper size 350 x 250.          Printed on Fabriano rosapina (archival acid free) with akua intaglio ink.

Priced at $130 for an original (please contact me), digital copies may be available on etsy.

These are for sale in The Little Beehive Coop,  WOW museum  , The Framing Rooms and Founders Heritage Park in Nelson.